Payment [METHOD]

Currently, Realign First accepts

  • Cash

  • Major Credit Cards

  • e-Transfer

  • Pay-Pal

Payment [Plans] : Pre-Paid Cards

What is a Pre-Paid Card?

Pre-paid cards are offered to continuing clients for the use of paying for their training sessions. 

Purchasing Pre-Paid Cards allows continuing clients to avoid the hassle of paying for each session.

You get rewarded with added value, depending on which card you purchase 

Pre-Paid 750


10 Session package: $750 (save $15 per session)+GST

*The card will expire 3months after purchase.

Pre-Paid 400

5 Session package:  $400 (save &10 per session)+GST

*Expire after 3months of purchase

30-Day Pass


30-Day pass: $520 (save up to $28 per session) +GST

Book up to 10 sessions within the 30 day period. 

This is perfect if you want to come in twice a week or resolve your issues quickly.  

Pay as you go

If you wish to pay per session, Regular sessions are $90+GST /50min session.

Pay by Pay-Pal

Purchase a Pre-Paid Card using Pay-Pal

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