Video Interviews

Client Interview 1

Bethany talks about her experience with ReaLine Training.

How it helped her, and also who she recommends it to.  

Client Interview 2

Allan talks about how ReaLine training changed his athletic abilities so he can enjoy what he loves.  

Client Interview 3

Find out how Paula changed since she started training at Realign First.  

Client Interview 4

Greg talks about what he learned through training at Realign First and how he gained more awareness of his body.

Client Interview 5

Andrea talks about how she feels after ReaLine Training and how it helps her get intuned with her body.  

Client Interview 6

Karen and Bob talk about their unique experience using the ReaLine CORE device.  ReaLine is not only for young athletes.  

Client Interview 7

Listen to what Amanda and Jordan thought after experiencing ReaLine training. 

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