Realign First offers privage sessions using an unique approach combining "ReaLine® Training" with foundational principles to restore optimal joint function so that you can get your active life back, pain-free. 

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Is Joint Health a high priority? 

Come learn how your body mechanics influence your long-term physical well-being.   Quality of movement matters when it comes to having fun doing what you love, for longer. 


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-Athletic Performance 

-Injury Prevention

-Injury Recovery 

-Pre-Comp Tune-ups


Athlete's Calf Muscle Professional Massage Treatment after Sport Workout: Fitness and Wellness


Physiotherapists ・Massage Therapists・Athletic Trainers・Personal Trainers・Kinesiologists・Pilates Instructors

We care about the future of your body as much as the present.  

We focus on what we can change and control

We want to enjoy life, so we try to make it as enjoyable as possible. 

We try to find a way to keep it positive. 

Muscles can come and go throughout life, but joints wear out throughout life. 

Movement habits that are hurting you must be unlearned, and replaced by better movement patterns.

Newly learned movement patterns can become habits with practice. 

Patience is key to most successful outcomes.

Understanding the intention matters more than mastering exercise form.

We work together to investigate and solve problems.  

We take responsibility for our own actions.  


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Now, YOU can own your ReaLine® CORE device

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  ReaLine® TRAINING?

ReaLine® is the name of a highly individualized training system that prioritizes learning to move with correct joint alignment.  It was developed in Japan based on the work and research of Dr. Kazuyoshi Gamada, a professor and specialist in the fields of Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy. This method is unique in its use of innovative devices designed to accelerate the process of re-educating the body to move as nature intended.

In a nutshell, the goals of ReaLine® training are:

to help optimize performance and prevent overuse injuries in any sport or physical activity

to resolve or alleviate joint/muscle-related problems and prevent future issues in people of all ages

to help everyone stay active and pain-free throughout their lifetime

Are you a professional?

Are you a physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, kinesiologist or pilates instructor?  If so, you are invited to visit Realign First in person or virtually via ZOOM to check out the Realine devices and see how they can enhance your practice.   We can send the devices directly to your clinic, and instructions and training will be available in person or online. 

"The missing piece"

ReaLine® training grew out of the concept that moving with correct joint alignment is a basic and essential factor underlying all healthy body movement, from ordinary daily tasks and recreational activities to professional-level sports. The training has gained popularity in Japan over the past several years, with clients ranging from Olympic athletes to elderly seniors.  Clients often report that ReaLine® was the "missing piece" that enabled them to reach their full performance or mobility potential.

Think about a motor vehicle. Even if you buy the best engine and body parts, you still need a mechanic to build and fine-tune the vehicle for it to be fully functional and operate at its best potential.  Similarly, our body alignment as we move is the framework within which all our different muscles perform their respective roles.  Incorrect alignment habits affect the body's performance level and injury risk in athletic pursuits, exercise and daily life activities.  Moving with incorrect alignment also tends to place unnecessary stress on important joints, causing cumulative wear and tear that can eventually lead to pain and mobility issues later in life.

"Fine Tuning "

We use very unique equipment from Japan to re-align major joints for optimal movement. 

Personalized training with certified  ReaLine®  Instructor Naomi Eguchi is available in Vancouver, BC.  Book a trial session to see if this is right for you--it may be the greatest gift you will ever give yourself and your body.


Assessing and correcting alignment habits at any stage of one's life can help prevent, resolve or at least partially alleviate most common joint and muscle problems.

                                      received a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences (BASc) from Simon Fraser University in 2006, specializing in Kinesiology and Gerontology.  She then returned to Japan, her birth country, where she worked for ten years as an athletic trainer and movement coach. One of the first ReaLine®   Instructors to be certified, Naomi has experience working with this method since 2009.  In the fall of 2016, Naomi relocated to Vancouver, BC with the objective of introducing ReaLine® training and equipment in Canada.  As an athlete who formerly played soccer and futsal at national levels and continues to play locally, Naomi has firsthand experience of the transformational benefits of ReaLine® training in her own life.  

Read more about Naomi here.