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ReaLine® CORE is a revolutionary tool for exercise therapy.  What makes this device unique is its versatility in the scenarios in which it can be useful.    We often underestimate the power of pelvic and thoracic realignment and how they affect our whole body.  Whether you use the ReaLine® CORE to restore appropriate joint mobility and stability or using it as a tune-up for high performance in sport, the results are consistent and reliable.


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ReaLine® CORE

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, We are only providing certification courses in an individual or small group setting.  This includes small group seminars at the Realign First Studio in Vancouver (up to 3 participants), private seminars at your clinic(*1) (complying with your safety plan), and online seminars(*2) through live zoom sessions.

(*1) Limited to clinics in the lower mainland (BC Canada).  If your clinic is not local, please consider the online option. 
(*2) All seminars require the actual devices to be present.  For that reason, online seminars can only be held after the payment has been made, and after the shipment from Japan has arrived (the devices will be directly delivered to your clinic). 

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What You Get

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You own 2 sets(*1) of ReaLine® CORE.

(*1)Although these will be 2 of the exact same ReaLine® CORE device, It is the company"s policy to sell them as a set as there are benefits in owning 2.  Specifically, by owning 2, you have the ability to use them at once. (one on the pelvis, the other on the lower ribcage).    If you absolutely insist on only owning one, it is your responsibility to find another buddy to share and to deliver it to your buddy.  We will not send them separately to different addresses.  


Solid Instructions & Insights

Hands-on (or online) instructions and insights on how to get the most out of the ReaLine® Devices.  We will discuss how ReaLine® can benefit you and your clinic according to your clientele and needs.

Ongoing Support & Communication

Once you become a "ReaLine® User" you will be admitted into a closed Facebook group for health care professionals who use ReaLine® in their practice.  Here, we discuss clinical findings and possible applications to inspire each other.

Happy Faces

Because of its versatility, the satisfaction rate of using the ReaLine® CORE is extremely high.   It is known to deliver noticeable changes in a matter of minutes, while still leaving plenty of time to fulfill the rest of your treatment.

When you become a certified ReaLine® user, you are also invited to join the "β-group" for therapists using ReaLine®.  This will be a closed group where we share and discuss clinical findings and explore the future possibilities of the application of ReaLine®.   ReaLine® outside Japan is still unrecognized, therefore the possibilities are infinite.  The Japanese ReaLine® researchers are continuously coming up with new ideas and products to help the general public.  This "β-group" will get priority to all further business opportunities relating ReaLine®.

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