The name "Realign First" came from my passion for helping people experience how improving alignment can impact our lives and physical performance in ways we never thought possible. 

These days, body alignment can be improved through various therapies such as deep tissue massage, chiropractic, osteopathy or physiotherapy.

 However, achieving good static alignment is not our final goal.


We want to enjoy life as long as possible, and a big part of that is doing the active things we love, as long as possible. 

We don't want to limit our lifestyle around our physical incapabilities.

Just as dietary habits have a cumulative effect on the development of chronic diseases in later life,  MOVEMENT habits also have a cumulative effect on how much discomfort you will experience with muscle tightness and the longevity of your joints.

We all equally face the lifelong challenge of dealing with our old friend called Gravity.  

Knowing HOW TO MOVE (against gravity) changes everything.

Whether we are talking about athletes trying to optimize physical performance, or about someone wanting to live out their remaining years pain-free,  what we all aim for is the same:  to be better.




to reverse the cumulative stress on your joints and muscles.  


to improve power exertion, by decreasing the power loss within our body that results from faulty movement patterns.  


and you will find yourself rethinking your limits. 


, then move to heavy lifting or the longest runs ever, or any exercise classes or sports you desire.  You will notice the benefits right away.

Realign First to PREVENT

Prevent the cumulative stress you don't notice until it becomes PAIN

Prevent (minimize) energy leaks of inefficient movement

Prevent the mindset of making all your decisions around what you can't do anymore.

The skills you develop when you re-educate your body to work at its best will change how you think and move for the rest of your life.