Payment [METHOD]

Currently, Realign First accepts most payment methods including 

  • Cash

  • Major Credit Cards

  • Debit / Interac


  • e-Transfer


  • Apple Pay & G Pay


  • Pay-Pal

Payment [Plans] : Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-paid cards are offered to continuing clients for the use of paying for their training sessions. 

Purchasing Pre-Paid Cards allows continuing clients to avoid the hassle of paying for each session.

You get rewarded with added value, depending on which card you purchase 

Pre-Paid 850

10 Session package: $850 (save $25 per session)+GST

*The card will expire 6months after purchase.

Pre-Paid 475

5 Session package:  $475 (save &15 per session)+GST

*Expire after 6months of purchase

30-Day Pass

NEW! & Best Value

30-Day pass: $550 (save up to $60 session) +GST

Book up to 10 sessions within the 30 day period. 

This is perfect if you want to come in twice a week+ or resolve your issues quickly.  

Pay as you go

If you wish to pay per session, Regular sessions are $110+GST /50min session.

Payment [Plans] : Monthly Plans


Monthly plans are offered to those committed clients who wish to have regular sessions for a more affordable price than the "Pre-Paid Cards"

The advantages:

On a monthly plan, you are guaranteed sessions on a weekly basis whether it be in-person at Realign First or an online session.  

Regardless of the type of session (in-person or online), this is the best way to achieve your immediate goals whether it be restoration from injury or pain, getting yourself game ready for sports or increasing athletic performance. 

Staying in touch on a regular basis also has the advantage of staying on top of things and prevent "busy life" from sabotaging your physical health. 


$300+GST /month (28days)

-4x50min sessions or 2x100min sessions

-Add-on sessions: $70/50min, $35/25min session. 

*Please read the"RULES"  tab for detailed instructions.


This plan is offered only for those who completed at least 10 ReaLine® Sessions at Realign First. 

$95+GST /month (28days)

-2x25min or 1x50min session 

-Add-on sessions: $80/50min, $40/25min session.

*Please read the "RULES" tab for detailed instructions. 


-To ensure results along with maximum satisfaction, "Monthly Plans" you must be committed for a minimum of 3months.  

Discounts: 10% discount for payments made in whole for 3months  

Payment Method: In principle, Monthly Plans are offered only with Credit Card payments.  If you need to pay with a different method, exceptions may be accepted. 

Payment processing: A monthly fee will be deducted from your credit card every 28days (4weeks) from the day of your first session. 

Carry Over: Unused sessions can also be carried over for up to 6months as long as you are on an active plan (on a Monthly Plan or Pre-Paid Card).

Termination: 7day notice is required to discontinue payments for the monthly plan payments for the following month. 

Refund Policy: After a monthly payment is processed, there will be a 3day grace period of a full refund, then a 50% refund up to 14days after the payment was processed. 

Pay by PayPal