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ReaLine® CORE 


Personal Use

Great for individuals who wish to improve their pelvic/thoracic health or boost their athletic performance for the long-term.

Please select the ReaLine® User option below.

This option is for personal use only. 


Professional Use

If you are an independent practitioner or a trainer, choose the ReaLine® User option below.
If you are a Clinic or Gym owner and would like multiple therapists/ trainers to be using the Device, please consider selecting the ReaLine® Clinic Adoption Pack.


ReaLine® User*

$1,399 / Person*

  • ReaLine® CORE x2 (One set of 2 CORE devices)
  • Guaranteed results or money back
  • Hands-on or online small group seminar for basic and applied usage of the ReaLine® CORE
  • 20% Discounts on further purchases of any ReaLine® Product line items.
  • Free invitations to hands-on or online seminars for other ReaLine® devices
  • Access to closed Facebook group*/ customer support

Clinic Adoption Pack

$2,999 / Clinic*

  • ReaLine® CORE x4(two sets of 2 devices each)
  • Guaranteed results for patients/clients or money back
  • Hands-on or Online private seminar at your clinic (or online) for basic and applied usage of the ReaLine® CORE
  • 20%+ Discounts on further purchases of any ReaLine® Product line items.
  • Free option to add any other ReaLine® devices to the seminar
  • Access to closed Facebook group*/ customer support


Add-Ons are only offered only to those who apply to become certified.

  • ReaLine® CORE x2 =$1,200
  • ReaLine® Balance Shoes for Knee Joint =$100/unit
  • ReaLine® Balance Shoes for Ankle Joint =$100/unit
  • ReaLine® User =$150/person
  • Additional customized workshops* =$90/hour

Have questions?

*ReaLine® User =certified to use ReaLine®.

*All therapists who are listed in the application form AND attend the seminar becomes a ReaLine® Users (certified).  

*Taxes are not included in the prices listed above.   All items are subjected to GST+PST

*Shipping cost will be calculated on an individual basis and will be added to your invoice. 

*All prices are in CA$; however, prices may be subjected to change due to the exchange rate. 

*At this time, we offer in-person and online seminars.  For online seminars, the products will be shipped directly to your address from Japan, and the seminar will be held once they arrive. 

*Additional customized workshops can be arranged on an individual needs basis.   This includes in-depth applied usages for the ReaLine® CORE, and instructional workshops for other ReaLine® devices.   Clinics applying for the "Adoption Pack" will not be charged additional hours for added ReaLine® devices seminars.  

*Money back is guaranteed if you don't see desirable changes from using the ReaLine® Devices.  However, the refund will only be applied to the cost of the Device, not the price on this page.  Please use the contact form to ask for more details.

*The closed Facebook group is a platform for practitioners and trainers who use ReaLine® (ReaLine® User) to exchange clinical findings and discuss the future of ReaLine® in the wellness field.  It is also the platform for customer support and help.  

Please use the contact form for more questions.

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