ReaLine Devices

ReaLine® CORE

The revolutionary device for:

  • Lower & upper back issues.
  • Hip-related issues (tight or loose)
  • Restoring functioning of the spine
  • Controlled mobility and stability of the lumbo-pelvic/ thoracic region
  • Overhead and rotational sports
  • Feeling great.

Come experience it for yourself, you will be amazed.

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ReaLine® Balance Shoes

ReaLine® Balance Shoes are designed to train the muscles related to proper joint movement of the knee and the ankle, and to increase stability of those joints during movement.
They are used as exercise equipment for recovery and prevention of knee and ankle related injuries.

Blue → for the KNEE
Red → for the ANKLE


ReaLine® Leg Press

ReaLine® Leg Press is a unique device invented for the purpose of correcting the outward rotation of the Tibia, known to be the origin of many alignment issues throughout the body.

Working with this device will activate the muscles responsible for straightening the knee, thus restoring proper knee mechanics to minimize the risk of potential alignment related injuries and pain throughout the body.

This device can also be used for individuals with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis (OA) to ameliorate the pain by improving knee mechanics.





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