ReaLine® Socks

"The game changer" taping socks are finally available in Canada
ReaLine® Socks PRO

For athletic use

Hardcore ankle support for heavy-duty athletics.   

Enhanced grip so your foot doesn't move inside your footwear. 

  • Black
  • White
ReaLine® Socks "soft"
ReaLine® Socks "Soft"

For daily use.

Suited for everyday all-day use. 

  • Gray/Dark Gray
  • Brown
  • Navy
  • White

ReaLine® Socks are designed in detail to support arthro-kinematics of the ankle.

Which leads to...

Improves Dorsiflexion ROM

Promote Hip Extensor Activation

Supports correct Plantarflexion

Loose/ Unstable Ankle

Plantar Fasciitis

Achilles Tendinitis

Tight Calves

Knee/ Hip/ Low back pain

Walking/ Hiking/ Running

Sports & Athletics

Everyday Happy Feet

fisioterapia caviglia - tape therapy

Do you tape your ankles?

Here's a couple of benefits of using ReaLine® Socks instead of taping the traditional way. 

  • ReaLine® Socks do not "Lock" the ankle up.  It supports the structure of the foot so it promotes the proper functioning of the foot.  A proper functioning foot faces fewer problems. 
  • No more skin rashes from the taping tape
  • The ReaLine® Socks is cost-effective (no more buying endless rolls of taping tape)


  • S

    22cm ~ 23.5cm

    M: size 4~51/2

    W:size 51/2~7

  • M

    24cm ~ 25.5cm

    M: size 6~71/2

    W: size 71/2~9

  • L


    M: size 8~ 91/2

    W: size 91/2 ~ 11


  • LL

    28cm ~ 29.5cm

    M: size 10~111/2 

    W: size 111/2~13

  • 3L

    Only available for the original "ReaLine Socks"



ReaLine® Socks PRO


Nylon47.1%   Cotton32.4%   Acrylic14.9%   Polyurethane5.6%

(Inside top: silicone, sole: polyvinyl chloride resin)

ReaLine® Socks "Soft"

ReaLine® Socks "soft"

Nylon47.3%   Polyester24.7%  Cotton21.2%   Polyurethane6.8%   (sole: polyvinyl chloride resin)


How to

  1. Adjust the toes, and heal to the intended location. 
  2. Pull up the socks. 
  3. Twist the top part of the socks "out to in" so the ReaLine® logo is now to the outside rather than at the back.   This creates tension of the woven areas, therefore increases the effect of ankle support.

Awesome Features EMBEDDED

Explore the in-depth science behind the special weave.
Athletic Taping Support

The socks do the same job of a high-quality taping job done by a professional.  Proper support to the ankle assists in proper ankle motion, thus protecting the foot and ankle from further damage. 

Enhance Ankle Function

The support of the socks guides the ankle to move in the right direction, therefore, allow increased ROM of the ankle joint.  Optimizing ankle joint function leads to improved balance, strength, and hip function during gait. 

Less Fatigue!

Optimizing ankle motion also means optimizing the spring function of the arches in the foot.  With the help of a good spring action of the foot paired with good hip function will make you feel LIGHTER.   This is particularly noticeable when walking, jogging, running for long hours.  

Watch the developers video

ReaLine® Socks for EVERYONE

Whether you're an athlete, or just enjoy being active, life gets much better with ReaLine® Socks.