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A message from Realign First in response to COVID-19

First, I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who lost their loved ones as a result of this pandemic, and gratitude to the dedicated frontline workers.

Hard times eventually pass.  We all are forced to learn how a sudden change in norms affects us, and how to adapt.  

One of the major adaptations is how to connect and stay connected with each other in times like this.

Although this is tough and may not be ideal, let's try to think of it as an opportunity to face uncertainties in a positive way (after all, isn't life all about uncertainties?), to challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone, learn new things, face things that we have put off for a while and grow.  

This includes taking care of ourselves..   

It can be a time to reorganize our values and priorities, so that once we overcome this worldwide, historic, challenge, we will have a clear direction.

In response to this paradigm shift, I would like to announce that Realign First will start offering more online services. Please read the section below, "Special Announcement," for details.

Realign First  Owner,

Naomi Eguchi

Uploaded on March 28, 2020

Special Announcement

In order to continue serving individuals in need, we have started providing
Online Consultations.

This new service is suited for individuals who:

  • want to modify an exercise program to match their own needs
  • need ideas for their home workout plan
  • are keen to learn about the ReaLine® philosophy
  • want to address issues they face following their exercise plan
  • want to clear up their concerns before damaging their body
  • want to discuss a long term plan to preserve joint health
  • keen to learn more about their body
  • want to discuss post-injury and or pre/post surgery plan

If you are unsure if this is right for you, please inquire through the contact form.

Ready to get valuable insight from the confort of your own home?

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