TIP16: Strong “CORE” for Everyone.

Today, I am going to explain why a strong core is not only for those who wish to lift super heavy weights in the gym room or become a super athlete.

But, that’s not all.

First and foremost, you want the “CORE UNIT” to be working because the Spine is the only skeletal structure (bone) supporting the  “CORE” region !!

Imagine holding a huge cotton candy.  What if the candy was as heavy as ice cream the same size?
It would either be impossible to hold or feel extremely insecure.   How would you resolve that situation?  Wouldn’t you be more comfortable holding it with a thicker bar?

Same with the body.   Stronger “CORE”, supports the spine.

What happens when the “CORE” is not strong enough?

We develop back pain, usually around that “CORE” region where the spine alone cannot support the weight of our upper body.

Activating specific muscles in the “CORE” region will help you say goodbye to chronic back pain 

What are these “specific muscles” ??

They are the  “behind the scene” superstar unit called the “INNER UNIT” of the “CORE”.

Tomorrow I will reveal the actual muscles of the “INNER UNIT” and why they are oh so important.