What is ReaLine® Concept

The “ReaLine® Concept” originated as a framework for a progressive rehabilitation program  for athletes recovering from injuries.

The strategy of the “ReaLine® Concept” is to determine  the cause or origin of the problem and fix that first, rather than  concentrating on treating the effects (i.e. the site of pain).

In a rehabilitation setting, rather than treating the site of pain, identifying the cause/ origin leads to faster recovery and will maximize the prevention of reoccurrence.

For most cases of non-accident-related injuries,                                      joint “malalignment” (joints not properly aligned) is the cause of  faulty movement patterns, leading eventually to effect such as wear ad tear of the joints tissues or a muscle problem (pulls and tears) in the related areas of the body.

The primary focus of the “ReaLine® Concept” is to optimize joint alignment facilitate proper kinematics (movement).  (“ReaLine® phase”)

Once this state is achieved, key muscles responsible for stabilizing those re-aligned joints are stimulated and activated in order to maintain this state. (“stabilization phase”)

Finally, after the bases are covered, the “coordination phase” fallows.   This is where we re-learn “movement.”   From basic to advanced, all movements patterns are practiced with a focus on maintaining the re-aligned state of joints. 

Treating injuries with this framework of the “ReaLine® Concept” allows for better and faster results.

Once these correct movement patterns become natural, you will feel confidence in doing the activities you love, going back to competitive sports and living life pain free.

The training method based on the “ReaLine® Concept” is called “ReaLine® Training”.

“ReaLine®  Training” utilizes various kinds of unique training equipment to restore joint alignment easily and efficiently.

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