What is ReaLine® Training?

“ReaLine®Training” is a training method based on an innovative rehabilitation framework called the “ReaLine® Concept”.
(Read more about “ReaLine® Concept” here)

For each and any case, “ReaLine® Training” prioritizes realigning the joints to allow proper kinematics (movement) of those joints.
Only after this is achieved do we move on to the next phase, the “stabilization phase” where we work to activate key muscle to maintain the re-aligned state.
After the stabilization phase comes the “coordination phase” where we work on more specific movements depending on the goal.
Throughout this process, the principle of maintaining proper joint alignment always remains the priority.
The above progression of training makes the outcome very valuable not only for immediate results, but for lasting results throughout your lifetime.

ReaLine® Balance Shoes

What makes “ReaLine® Training” unique is the use of “ReaLine® Devices”.    These are pieces of unique equipment designed to facilitate proper alignment in key joints in the body, such as the ankle, knee, pelvis, hip, and the thorax.  Using these devices helps to accelerate the process of re-aligning and gaining back the proper joint kinematics in a manner that is easy for everyone and quicker than other methods.

You can learn more about “ReaLine® Devices” here.

ReaLine® Training is intended to build a strong foundation to prevent injuries and chronic joint and muscle pain, as well as maximize performance.
This training benefits everyone from young athletes to elders with chromic joint pain.

If you are an athlete, adding “ ReaLine® Training” to your regime could be a game changer in your performance.


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