TIP5: Unravel Upper Body Tightness


Neck, Shoulders, Upper back, Mid back, Lower back


Tension, Stiffness, Tightness, and Pain

Do you experience any of these combination on a regular basis???

If so, and you know it’s not from an accident or a direct trauma to that region,

you will most likely benefit from learning how and where your upper body (Trunk, Arms, and Head) should be positioned.

The first step is to know (and believe) that if your upper body is stacked on top of your lower body, you will no longer have to deal with the tightness you have been experiencing.


But, why do so many of us have this problem?

It’s because we have the ability to do this. ↓↓

We have the ability to balance (in this case, in a bad way)

Our innate goal as a living human being is to “stand” not to “stand in a good posture”.

But you know, there is a trade-off.
Standing with poor posture forces the body to overuse, and tense many many muscles that should be at rest with good posture!

For now, let’s start by noticing.

Noticing that if your upper body is not positioned (stacked)  on top of your lower body, the result is you are more likely to experience unnecessary upper body tightness.