TIP15: CORE 101-2

The first“CORE”  tip I gave was that the “CORE” needs to be “STABLE” in order to functionally use our body/muscle systems.

Today I will show you WHY & HOW we create a stable “CORE”.

When we say “stable core” it really means creating enough pressure in our core region so our body (in this case, our spine) doesn’t break like a twig when we face a large external force.  (This is the primary “WHY”)


(Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen easily)



Have you seen weight lifters with a huge belt around their core when they squat with heavy weight???


That belt, used to protect you from potential damage, assists you to create that pressure.

This is called, “internal abdominal pressure”  

which is,,

EXACTLY the “CORE UNIT”s job!!!

That’s what the “CORE UNIT” does, it protects.

If the “CORE” muscles are working properly, that means the “core region” is stabilized (ready for high demand).

Now, you might think having a strong core is unnecessary for you because you may have no intention in squatting 200lbs.

I will prove you wrong tomorrow.

I will convince you why it is necessary for you to want your “CORE” to be working optimally.




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